The Momentist is a new online literary and arts magazine publishing translated and original-language fiction, poetry, interviews, literary and art criticism, and featuring artworks by established and emerging artists. Our title comes from a suggestion put forward by novelist and short story writer Harold Brodkey that

the reader in his or her life has more access to the real than the author does, which counters the author’s more practiced access to language. This is Momentism.

Rather than set out with a ready-made understanding of what this means, it’s my hope that over time an interpretation—or if we’re successful, a number of incompatible interpretations—will emerge in collaboration with our contributors, editors, and readers.
   In the short term, what it means (to me at least) is that all art is political. Nothing exists until it has been made, and no art is finished until it has been seen. And everything else is undecided.

Our first two issues are online now, consisting of solicited material, the theme of which (without my necessarily intending it) has emerged as having to do with the production of art and writing under environmental and technological pressures. 

Thank you,

Christopher DeVeau, editor in chief


Submissions are now closed for issue 2. 

We’ll be announcing the opening for issue 3 shortly.

Contact us at: editor@themomentist.org

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